You must be wondering: what is ‘LightStim?’ I’m glad you asked! LightStim is a form of low level light therapy (or to simplify things: LLLT). Light puts out energy in the form of photons; when our cells absorb these photons they convert them to ATP, which is the energy our cells need to preform their normal functions. Much like the process plants go through to convert sunlight into energy, skin absorbs LLLT and converts it to energy.

Now, what does all of this have to do with your skins health? Our cells use ATP to repair (heal damage) and regenerate new (young and healthy) cells. On top of increasing cell energy, different colors of light offer different therapeutic abilities. Blue light destroys acne causing bacteria. Amber light builds collagen and elastin (think firm, youthful skin!). Red light improves circulation (increased blood and oxygen to cells) and reduces inflammation (heat, pain, redness, swelling). Infrared light speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and allows product to penetrate deeper.

Using LLLT will help you achieve your skincare goals faster but when paired with Tuel Professional products the time drastically reduces! It can be added to any Beauty Boost Custom Facial service, advanced treatment or even as its own stand alone service. LightStim uses LED light so there is no risk of skin cancer and no need to apply Daily Protect sun block beforehand! LLLT will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve complexion and texture, and speed up healing. When we pair with the Beauty Boost Custom Facial using Tuel, a custom mask and serum combination will be applied before the light is put in place. This means the light will take that product and drive it even deeper into your skin, meeting your specific needs at a greater intensity!! In summary: everyone (and I mean EVERYone) would benefit from low level light therapy!