It's one of the most infamous waxes, but do you know what it means? Brazilian waxes have been popular for years but I've found that some clients are curious about them but have heard horror stories. So let's clear up what a good Brazilian wax experience like we offer at Beauty Boost is like!

Let's talk Brazilian Waxing!

A Brazilian Wax is the removal of all the hair down there, yes down there, your vaginal area and the crack of your back side. It's perfect for those who don't want to keep up with shaving, and well let's be honest sometimes shaving is a pain. Ingrown hairs, razor burn, stubble, nicks and cuts, ouch!! So why shave when you can come in and get the hair removed properly by pulling it out by the root. Stay with me! Pulling the hair out properly by the root increases the chances of the hair to not grow back and if hair does grow back it is much finer.

Common Brazilian Waxing Questions

Does waxing hurt?
Ah yeah! But if you come in on a regular schedule, which is every 4 weeks, this will make the process lesson the pain because we'll be pulling out less hair each time. If you choose to wait longer then guess what? We start all over and can hurt as much as the first time. We want to provide you with the most comfortable and pain-free waxing experience so we do emphasize the importance of a regular schedule with Brazilian waxes.

How long does my hair have to be?
The best length of hair is 3 weeks from your last shave and 4 weeks from your last wax, which is typically no shorter than 1/4 inch and no longer than a 1/2 inch. If your hairs are not long enough the hair will not be removed properly and most of the time it'll just cut off the hairs. We want you to have the best service possible, so for all you eager beavers out there you need to wait to insure that the hair is long enough.

What are common reactions and how do I care for it?
Normal waxing responses are redness, pimples, bumps, rashes and itching. If waxed every 4 weeks the skin will acclimate along with proper home care products. Home care is key! Using our Body Polish Kit (which includes our Green Clean Body Wash and a pair of pumice gloves) daily will gently slough away dead skin cells, alleviate itching and allow your hair to grow freely. Since breakouts are common from waxing using our Clear Blemish Control Gel will help to prevent or minimize breakouts and if you are prone to breakouts this should be used twice a day on the area for 3-5 days or as long as your blemishes are presented.

Here at Beauty Boost we pride ourselves and giving you the best service possible! If you follow these guidelines for Brazilian waxing your lady bits will thank you! We also offer a BROzilian, which is a male Brazilian, and all this great information applies to them too!