1. the action or process of investing time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy, glowing and supple skin in the future.

One of the most common topics at the spa is the cost of skincare. You know the saying that abs are made in the kitchen? Good skin is created by using quality skincare ingredients. You’ll notice that you don’t need to use a ton of the products you use at Beauty Boost because they are so concentrated with high-quality ingredients that a little goes a very long way! We carefully select the products we put into the store because we don’t want what’s “in” for skincare, we want products that have a long-term impact on your skin. Our facials are the best way to introduce your skin to clean, concentrated beauty products that create that glow. It is possible to get that post-facial glow all the time when you’re using quality products!

It’s easy to want to spend $10-$20 on something that “fixes” something for a short time, but do you know what those products are doing to your skin long-term? There’s a quality difference in ingredients and this is reflecting in the price of your skincare regime. I learned about this in esthetics school and at a very young age. As a preteen I wanted to fit in with all the other girls at school and use the Covergirl pressed powder and carry it in the back pocket of my Dickies. But nope, my mom wouldn’t let me. Why? Because she said that it was lower quality ingredients and wasn’t good for my face. Ugh, what did my mom know? What I didn’t know was that she kept looking for something better because she knew the importance of skincare! She learned that there is a big difference between mass brands, prestige brands and now because her daughter is a professional she now understands professional brands and hasn’t looked back!

We carry Tuel Skincare, Color Up Therapeutics and FarmHouse Fresh because they are best you can get on the market. And the best thing? They can fit into anyone’s budget! Sometimes people have a little sticker surprise when they look at items but because they are so concentrated and high quality, you use less of them which actually makes them cheaper than a drugstore brand! You can feel better and SEE the difference when you are using these products, you are using the best! And lets face it you only get one face so why not invest in it? We are proud to say that ALL of our lines are vegan, cruelty free, natural, majority are gluten-free and two lines are oncology approved.

Between good quality skincare products and getting facial treatments regularly you will see an amazing difference in not just your skin but also your confidence! You are taking care of yourself and I don’t think that anyone regrets taking good care of themselves. Your skin will glow, you’ll look younger, which makes you feel younger, and as an added bonus you’ll save more time in the morning because you’ll be wearing less makeup!

So we say all of this to say, that the price of skincare care comes down to the ingredients that will help you maintain a healthy glow. If you want to learn more about our targeted treatments and facials, we offer monthly specials on both that are very popular with our clients! We created these specials to cater to our clients needs and to help you affordably start your quality skincare journey!