New year, new you, new menu! We decided that we wanted to offer something a little extra this year to enhance our Beauty Boost services. So Alissa and I sat down and worked on what exactly it was that we wanted to bring on. After a lot of discussion, we came up with our add-on menu!

Last month you may have seen this menu in our newsletter but this month we’re going into more detail. We created these with you in mind to help pamper and relax you, but also make it affordable to have a touch of luxury added to your service. The most neglected areas we tend to see outside of facial skincare is hand and foot areas! Our menu focuses on these trouble and neglected areas. When you book a facial treatment you’ll be presented with our add-on menu and can choose whatever you like!

Here’s more information and commonly asked questions!

Do you offer other add-ons?

Yes we do! Our add-ons consist of many things that are sure to suit your skincare needs and add-ons range from $10-25 that’s perfect for anyone’s budget. Some of our top favorites are Dermaplaning, LightStim LED Light Therapy and a Chemical Peel.

What’s your favorite treatment?

One of our personal favorites is our Glamour Eyes Treatment that will brighten, lighten, firm and tighten the skin around your eyes, it’s basically a facial for your eye area.

Why is this worth it?

We love add-ons because they’re a special little treat that makes a big difference in your treatment. Say you come in for a customized facial, while you’re masking you can enjoy a hand and foot treatment which will put you into a deep state of relaxation and hydrate, moisturize and soften those overused areas. Add-ons also target any skin issues that maybe you’re wanting to address a little more, for example High Frequency for acne or Dermaplaning to remove the peach fuzz of your face.

We can’t wait to see you for your next facial and help you choose your add-on!