Sound like someone you know? Not getting enough sleep, over-committed, maybe not always eating the healthiest and stressed. Okay so that’s like all of our clients! That’s why we freaked out when we got in our new FarmHouse Fresh line, Total Swellness™!

This skincare line was designed with hemp extracts that have many antioxidant properties which help to brighten & illuminate, improve the skin’s barrier, even tone, texture, soothe and reduce redness. You’ll see ‘sparkles’ in these products but it’s not glitter, it’s actually natural minerals that help to give the skin a healthy glow and glisten.

They use the whole plant, full-spectrum extract, which basically means that the entire plant is an antioxidant superfood known to help with anti-aging, inflammation, redness and acne. It also helps to brighten, plump and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

This collection is crafted with full spectrum Hi-Bio™ Hemp Oil. Hemp seed oil is packed full of Essential Fatty Acids so that the skin is hydrated, soft and healthy. Hemp oil also contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 & 3. The oil is full spectrum for higher nutritional value because they add vital extracts from all parts of the plant to ensure high quality and consistency. Hi-Bio™ Hemp Oil helps to brighten, soothe and has skin repairing properties. For a higher absorption rate they use specialized pharmaceutical technology that encapsulates the molecules so that they become naturally water-soluble.

Okay now that we’ve covered all the nerdy side of the Total Swellness™ line, here’s what we’ve got in store!

  • New Groove™ Gel Cleanser! This foam cleanser gives a minty green clean to combo to oily skin types that’ll remove oil, makeup and dirt with three soothing botanicals: kale, green tea and full spectrum Hi-Bio™ hemp oil that calms, brightens, and complexion perfection.

  • Supremely Lit™ Serum-in-Oil. This serum-in-oil brightens, illuminates and ultra-hydrates skin with Vitamin C and Omega 7-rich Seaberry to protect, reduce redness and unevenness, and fight inflammation issues and improve the look of skin.

  • Pretty Amped™ Dual-Phase Oil to calm uneven skin and reveal a healthy glow. Includes cold-fermented green gram vitamins that fight free radical damage, rare Omega-7, and diminishes the look of breakouts and improves the look of aged skin.

  • Float away with Mellow Moon Dip® relaxation body mousse. Has an uplifting natural lemon cream scent and packed full of omega fatty acid-rich oils that improve the look of uneven skin tone and aging. Leaves skin feeling calmed and relaxed and helps to repair and prevent dry skin.

  • Radiate your body with Swell Being™ Body Oil. This body oil not only calms and relaxes you but it delivers a healthy glow with a rich source of antioxidants from watermelon fruit extract. This body oil is sure to keep your body glowing and dry skin feeling moisturized and youthful.

  • Now soak away your day the Total Swellness™ Bath Fizzers. With a natural rosemary-spearmint scent this bath fizzer hydrates, softens, calms and relaxes the skin and body giving you a cooling soft after-feel.

Now that you’ve read all about these great products, stop by and check them out! You can also set up a Product Pickup appointment which will ensure 15 minutes with me and discuss which products will work best for you and your lifestyle!